- Poetry, prose and criticism
- Writes in English and Dutch
- PhD in Cultural Analysis

Editor at nY 


Know Thy Audience (poetry, 2023)
I Failed to Swoon (poetry, 2021)

Digital Corpses (dissertation, 2020)
Dark Hour (poetry, 2018)


Overgave op commando (fictie, 2024)
De bakvis (fictie, 2022)

Kleinzeer (non-fictie, 2019)

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 Nadia de Vries
Photo by Anna Perger
"Small pieces of glass – each and every writing from Nadia de Vries gets stuck under your skin, like a splinter, and then wrestles its way out. They are sharp, and hard, and then soft, and then surprising."
Minor Literatures
"De Vries's work could be considered Symbolist Poetry for the Internet Age. Not unlike Rimbaud, she bears witness to great personal upheavals although hers are domestic rather than militaristic. She wryly invokes poetry's ivory tower intellectualism, while setting the stage for a personal theatre of rage."